Lunchtime at Work: Discussions About Food with Average Americans

Lunchtime at work regularly tends to bring up various discussions about food.  I find these conversations very insightful, as I regard my coworkers as “Average Americans”, and I like to analyze their perspectives.  I also like to help them see food in a new way, which unfortunately tends to fall on deaf ears.

During one memorable lunchtime discussion, a coworker said that he feeds his dog this expensive dog food because his veterinarian said it’s better for him. But while he is saying this, he is feeding himself $1 Campbell’s soup! Probably because his doctor doesn’t recommend anything different. Isn’t that strange?

Lunchtime at Work: Discussions About Food with Average Americans | real food. home made.

So many humans think we are not animals and therefore we have different rules to live by, which is not true.

On a different day, another coworker made a reference to the few of us in the lunchroom who were eating “rabbit food” (referring to fruits and vegetables) and I wanted to say “This is just called food.  We are animals just like rabbits.” Or something like that, but I couldn’t find the right words.

On my Dad’s birthday, I brought in my Black Bean & Avocado Brownies.  I received 2 positive comments, and the rest were a varying degree of negative, including: “I took one bite and then slam dunked it into the garbage”, and “I ate the whole thing, I’ll eat anything”, etc.

This was by far my favourite remark:

“I wish all desserts tasted like this, because then I wouldn’t want to eat as many.”

How insightful!  Desserts ARE supposed to taste like this! And we AREN’T wired to want to eat them in excess!  What a revelation.

By the way, this month I am celebrating the 1 year anniversary of my blog. I would love to post more often, so please tell me, what kinds of things do you wish to see? Recipes? Musings? Anything in particular?

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